Lemon Blossom is home to a variety of trusted products suggested as 'wouldn't live without them' whether for the arrival of your own baby or buying for someone else's baby - near or far. Here we've made our priority naturally based products, to take out the fear of gift giving and peace of mind in preparation for that precious arrival. 

Lemon Blossom
is the work of an Australian based couple, Catherine & Theodore, where on the arrival of their third child made them parents to three children under the age of three. In combination with their experiences and the ever growing families they are in contact with every day, Lemon Blossom is a prioritising of what was essential and what was very practical in having a household of babies, toddlers and now school age. Some were great gifts received with appreciation and others practical products sought out to fill a need. 

We remember and understand what it's like wading through the sea of baby products available today and the feeling of inexperience that is being a first time parent.

Lemon Blossom has been like the birth of a fourth child to them with the bringing together of a broad range of items, some they wish they had also known about earlier!

We trust you will find products you will come to love and appreciate too, as you come back to Lemon Blossom time and time again.

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