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Lemon Blossom is your go-to baby Boutique. What we all want from a baby boutique is a collection of those essential items for your baby. Lemon blossom has done just this. Our items are specific to those ages 0-3. We have put together a collection of baby products we believe will guide you through the first three years of your baby’s lives. Parenthood is tough, so why not make it a little bit easier by ensuring you have the necessary items to guide you on your way. As parents, we all want to ensure the products we use are safe for our babies and thus, Lemon Blossom Boutique thrives on the organic nature of its items.

Whether it’s a blanket or wrap, we have endeavored to source out the best natural and organic baby products. There are so many organic baby products on the market which we know, as parents, can make the task of choosing one extremely difficult. We have tried to make your decision a little easier, by providing those natural baby products that have been tried and tested by ourselves, both as retailers and parents. When you think of organic baby products, we know you may only think of bathing products, but our range of baby accessories will demonstrate that natural baby products goes beyond this to include so much more.

We have accessories to assist you with mealtime, bath time, bedtime and so much more. And more importantly, our baby accessories are competitively priced!

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